Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Try, try again...

So, I have started a on several occasions, but never had any kind of motivation to keep it going, but lately, I have heard hinting from a few people that I post WAY too much about my family on facebook, so I got an instagram, but that hasn't really satisfied me, so I'm starting a blog again, and I'm hoping this time, I will have motivation to keep posting here, and not so much on facebook. If you feel like you hear from me way too much, you shouldn't be reading this.

Anyway, this last weekend was memorial day weekend, and Wes actually had it off, so we were able to go down to Delta, and spend time with Grammie and Grandpa Stanworth. We had so much fun! Mommy and Daddy went out on the boat and had so much fun!

And Max stayed on the shore with Uncle Brandon, cause mommy's a big sissy and is terrified of having Max on the boat, especially since there's not a life jacket his size.
But later, we came back in, so Max could have a little fun :) He got to play with daddy on the tube. He was having fun, till the cold water his his belly, then he was done with the water.
But then we went home, cleaned up, BBQ some burgers, ate lunch, and took nice long naps! It was such a good, fun, relaxing weekend! Sadly, the real world was still here when we got back, so Daddy is off to work and Mommy and Max are off to the doctor for Max's 4 month check up. That means shots :( hopefully they wont be as bad as last time and Max will just be able to sleep this afternoon.

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