Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heath's Grraduation

My "baby" brother just graduated high school. He's not really a baby. He's actually a grown man now, but he's the youngest of all 5 of us, so he's doomed to be the "baby" forever. Anyway, he graduated, we cheered....

Then we made him pose for a bunch of pictures with everybody....

Mom, Heath, Dad 
 Me, Wayne, Julie, Heath, Aislinn, Jessica, Brad
 All his sisters...we love him SO much! And he's not even embarrassed by us anymore...well, not much.
Nieces and Nephews (side note: my kid peed all over his robe right here...I laughed a little, but felt bad)

And while we were all taking pictures, the babies got to play in the grass. It was a grand time for everyone. (Except Wes and Scott, who had to work. They were greatly missed.)

Pete's not sleeping. The sun was a little bright.

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